Mar 14, 2014

LOLOL sick. Haven't seen blogspot since last summer. And I still have a few readers. That is just weird. WHO are you, seriously? Here's my tits and armpits btw

Jun 29, 2013

mjaomjao love my Jordan tee


I graduated two weeks ago. Here's my family and meow

Signe my luv
Made some photoshop art

Jun 17, 2013

Jun 14, 2013

May 19, 2013

Today: Tired, saggy boobs n confused

Apr 11, 2013

feeling as awake as I look. g00d m0rn1ng

Apr 2, 2013

fresh and depressed

Mar 23, 2013

You can now buy my S/S13 collection at

Mar 20, 2013

today's mood create gif

Mar 7, 2013

ahahah free gif creators free gif creators

Feb 22, 2013

Barbie girly grrrrrl

Couldn't resist to buy this thing. I can hide my shit in it

Feb 18, 2013

monday yey

Feb 11, 2013

a few things from the upcoming collection

of you
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